Halal cosmetics ft. Iba halal care

Halal cosmetics ft. Iba halal care

I was astonished when I came across IBA HALAL CARE. The concept & the ideology they share is something which no other brand even care about. Also before writing this blog I wanted to know each and everything about them as I don’t choose to promote anything islamically wrong on my page #wrapmyhijab

After loads of research & eating the brand executive’s head .I WRAP MY HIJAB gives total assurity & recommend IBA products. Its not only ethically right but also with best cosmetic formulas. (TRIED & TESTED)

Continue reading if you wanna know more about “THE HALAL COSMETICS”

what is halal cosmetics?

The term “halal,” as it applies to cosmetics, simply means products that have been manufactured, produced and composed of ingredients which are permissible under Islamic law. Islam prohibits the consumption/usage of pork, alcohol, and blood. Products that contain one or more of these ingredients are considered to be “haram” or “forbidden”.

Vegan vs Halal

Many consumers confuse vegan products with being halal-certified, too. It’s true that vegan products do not contain any animal based ingredients but they can include alcohol. Likewise, some halal-certified brands use Islamic Sharia law-compliant ingredients to make their product.

About IBA

Iba Halal Care is India’s first halal cosmetics brand. The word ‘Iba’ is of Arabic origin. It means self-respect and pride in oneself. In that context, Iba’s vision is to offer ethical beauty solutions.




INGREDIENTS IBA USE: Chamomile, Flower Extract, Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Date Extract, Grapes Extract, Ultra-White Blend of Marshmallow Flower + Rice.

MY EXPERIENCE: Recently I came across with the matte liquid lipsticks and the pure rich moisture lipsticks from IBA HALAL CARE. And I must say, undoubtedly the liquid ones are the best lipsticks I have ever used in my entire life! They don’t dry/patch my lips, sticks for a pretty good time. Likewise, the moisture rich lipstick is great for daily wear and I have noticed that it makes my lips look healthier and plumper.

“Halal isn’t another trend. For Muslims, Islam is our way of life, which includes consuming and using Halal products.”

Order yours from : IBA HALAL CARE

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